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About Me

I grew up playing golf in New York's Hudson Valley and have been obsessed with the game since the first time I touched a club.  As you read my reviews, you will be introduced to two other characters--my brother and father. Growing up, the three of us were fortunate enough to play together multiple times per week at our home course--The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge. Lately, we do not play together on a regular basis, but we have tried to go on a golf vacation together once a year. Also, though often absent from the photos, my mother will sometimes accompany us on the course and serve as the photographer-in-chief since she does not play golf. So, a thanks to her for many of the great photos. If you would ever like to play (whether in the New York City area or otherwise), please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Since I was a kid watching tournaments on television, I always dreamed of going on bucket list golf vacations in places like Ireland and Scotland, or playing some of the once in a lifetime courses like Pebble Beach. 


But, until recently, I never did it. This changed when I was invited to play one of (if not the) best golf courses in the world--Cypress Point. Playing there was such a transformative experience that it stoked the fire in my belly to play as many of the great courses as possible. More than anything else, the genius of the design was unlike anything I had ever seen and it made me want to understand what makes golf courses great. Why are the best courses thought to be the best? And what makes the best holes memorable? In short, Cypress showed me the art that can go into a great golf course, and it is my goal to see this art in as many shapes and forms as possible. 

This site will catalog my playing of the great golf courses. Now, there are a lot of lists out there of the best courses (whether that be the top 100 in the world, the top 100 in the US, or the top 100 public courses in the US). I just want to play great golf courses, regardless of which list (if any) they appear on (though I wouldn't mind playing the top 100 in the world since they are thought to be the best!). 

I hope that my pictures and descriptions will give you all an insight into what it is like playing each course and hopefully guide some of your future golf travels!

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or just want to say hello, always feel free to leave comments or to contact me at

18th tee at Pebble Beach

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